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1. Complete an online health questionnaire

No appointment required – simply complete a medical health questionnaire on our website 24/7.

2. Doctor Reviews Evidence

One of our GMC-registered GPs will review and the submitted medical evidence and make a recommendation.

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3. Receive your certificate

Receive your sports medical certificate as soon as same day or within a few working days, straight to your inbox.


What will you receive?

Unless you have a specific form you would like our doctors to sign, you will obtain a verifiable PDF medical certificate bearing the signature of a registered medical doctor, sent directly to your mobile device. This document will include the following information:

✓ Your name and date of birth
✓ Confirmation that you are fit to participate in the sports event
✓ Accepted by events Internationally
✓ Signed and authorised by one of our General Medical Council (GMC) registered UK doctors.
✓ Contact information for Medical Cert for verification purposes.


Asked Questions

How do I get a sports medical certificate?

Simply complete the online questionnaire and complete the payment. After purchasing your medical certificate online, a doctor will review the information provided, and where appropriate will provide you with a certificate for your event. There is no need to have a telemedicine or online consultation to receive a medical letter. Our Doctors may call or email you directly if they have any additional questions.

Can I get a sports medical letter without seeing a doctor?

You do not always need to see a doctor to get one. Our revolutionary service allows you to be assessed by one of our doctors without needing an appointment, simply by uploading your concerns and evidence through our forms. One of our doctors will then consider your medical history, current fitness, and any potential risks associated with your condition for the event before issuing your medical certificate. You will then receive the letter directly to your inbox.

Can you sign the Paris Marathon issued medical certificate?

Absolutely. At the end of our consultation form you'll be given the opportunity to upload any specific forms you need signed. Our doctors regularly sign the Paris Marathon medical certificate for participants.

What will the sports medical certificate say?

Our doctors will evaluate the information you submit and make a judgement on whether an online sports certificate is appropriate for you. If yes, the certificate will say that there are no contraindications to your participation in the sporting event. But we cannot "guarantee fitness".

What information will you require from me?

We will require you to upload:
✓ A photo / copy of your Passport or driver’s licence to confirm your identity
✓ Complete a medical questionnaire
Helpful information to have to hand when completing the form includes your blood pressure, your cholesterol level (screenshots of blood tests from your NHS app is sufficient), and medical history (this can be your summary health record available freely via your GP). These are not required for the certificate, but are very helpful for our doctors to have.

Do you provide refunds?

We always provide full refunds if we are unable to provide a sports Medical certificate in your situation, so you can submit your requests with peace of mind. Once a medical certificate has been issued we are unable to offer refunds.

How soon will I receive my medical letter or certificate?

Our team of GPs will review your medical evidence and questionnaire on the same day and can provide you with your Medical Letter or Certificate within 1 working day. We also offer a guaranteed by 9am service for Medical letters for evidence that has been uploaded by 11pm GMT. With our express overnight service you will receive your medical letter or certificate in your inbox overnight by 9am next day.

Who will sign my sports medical certificates?

All of the doctors at Medical Cert are fully licensed GMC-registered GPs. We are a UK based healthcare service but the certificates can be used internationally. All of our Doctors are registered GPs with the UK General Medical Council.

Can you complete a specific form required by my event ?

Yes, in most cases we can help with special forms required by some events. Simply upload the required form with your medical evidence.

Can your doctor’s letters be verified?

Absolutely. Each letter or certificate issued will have a unique reference number and can be verified free of charge by emailing us at

Can you provide "full diagnostic testing?"

Since we are an online service we are do not perform such tests as ECG, urine analysis and spirometry tests. If you have received these tests elsewhere, you can upload them with your form for our doctors to review.

What would prevent me from getting a signed sports medical certificate?

Our doctors will review each case individually based on the information provided in your e-consultation form. For a healthy person with no medical issues, there is usually nothing that prevents our doctors from producing a certificate for you. If our doctors have any questions regarding your health they will contact you.

Can you sign Sports Certificates for Italian Events?

If your sporting event is in Italy, Italian law for medical sports certification requires you to undertake the following tests within 12 months of your event: a. Resting ECG and a Stress ECG b. Spirometry (a lung function/breath test) You will need to upload the results for the following tests if you would like your Italian sports medical certificate signed. These tests are easily available via various private health providers.

Do you provide certificates for all kinds of sports?

Currently we do not perform the following sports assessments: aviation sports, skydiving events, driving medicals, olympic sports, scuba diving events, or other extreme competitive sports. These will require in-depth testing via a face-to-face sports specialist doctor.

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Getting a medical fitness certificate can be confusing. Many people need one for work or travel but don’t know where to start. This article explains how to obtain different types of medical fitness certificates, like ENG1 and ML5, in simple steps.

Keep reading to learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand which marathon medical certificate you need, like ENG1 for seafarers or ML5 for those working on small commercial vessels. Each certificate serves a specific purpose and suits different roles within various industries.
  • Schedule an appointment with an authorised doctor who can conduct the required medical evaluations. The doctor will check things like your vision, hearing, physical strength, and overall health to ensure you’re fit for the job you want.
  • Undergo thorough health examinations that assess your ability to perform work safely in environments such as fishing vessels or other industrial sectors. The assessment includes tests tailored to industry-specific standards.
  • Ensure that you meet all the necessary health and safety regulations for your intended role by passing these evaluations. This is crucial not just for getting hired but also for keeping yourself and others safe at work.
  • Once you pass the evaluation, collect your medical fitness certificate from the healthcare professional who conducted your exam. This document confirms that you are medically fit to engage in activities related to your job field effectively and safely.


Different Types of Medical Fitness Certificates

There are different types of medical fitness certificates available, such as the ENG1 and ML5. Each type is designed to assess specific health requirements for different industries and vessel types.


ENG1 refers to a specific medical examination and certification required for seafarers, ensuring they are fit for duty at sea. This process involves a thorough health checkup by approved doctors who assess physical and mental fitness against rigorous maritime standards.

Seafarers must pass this evaluation to work on vessels, as it confirms their capability to perform under challenging conditions without risking their own or others’ safety.

The ENG1 certificate is essential for those seeking employment in the maritime industry, including roles on fishing vessels, commercial ships, and yachts. It forms part of the broader seafarer medical certifications framework that governs maritime health and safety globally.

Following ENG1, we will explore ML5 – another key medical fitness certificate with its unique requirements and procedures in securing marine-related positions.


The ML5 medical fitness certificate is a crucial requirement for individuals working on small commercial vessels. This type of certificate ensures that the seafarer meets the necessary health standards to work onboard.

The process involves a thorough medical examination to assess the individual’s fitness and health status as it relates to their role on small commercial vessels.

Obtaining an ML5 certificate involves undergoing a comprehensive medical evaluation from an approved healthcare professional, which includes assessing physical fitness, mental health, and other criteria specific to maritime regulations.

How to Obtain a Medical Fitness Certificate

Obtaining a medical fitness certificate involves undergoing a thorough medical evaluation tailored to the specific requirements of your industry or purpose. The process for obtaining a medical fitness certificate may vary depending on whether it’s for working on fishing vessels or for other industries, but generally includes a comprehensive medical examination by an authorised healthcare professional. Physicians must carefully consider what to write in a medical fitness certificate to ensure accuracy and clarity.

For Fishing Vessels

Medical fitness certificates for fishing vessels are crucial to ensure the health and safety of crew members as well as the success of fishing operations. The medical evaluation process for obtaining a fitness certificate for fishing vessels involves thorough assessments by qualified medical professionals.

These examinations typically include checks on vision, hearing, cardiovascular health, and overall physical fitness to ascertain an individual’s capacity to work effectively and responsibly at sea.

Additionally, specific attention is given to identifying any potential risks or health concerns that could impact onboard safety or performance.

For Other Industries

Industries outside of the maritime sector also require medical fitness certificates for employment. Various industries, such as construction, aviation, and transportation, adhere to specific medical evaluation requirements to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

Candidates seeking employment in these fields must undergo a comprehensive medical examination to obtain a fitness certificate before starting work.

This process involves a thorough assessment by qualified healthcare professionals to determine the individual’s overall physical condition and capability to perform job-related tasks safely.

Additionally, specific industries may have unique medical criteria tailored towards their respective work environments, ensuring that employees are fit for their roles.


To obtain a medical fitness certificate, you can start by understanding the specific type needed for your industry or purpose, such as ENG1 or ML5. Then, schedule a medical evaluation with an authorised healthcare provider who will assess your fitness to work based on the required criteria.

Upon passing the evaluation, you will receive your medical fitness certificate, allowing you to proceed with confidence in pursuing your career aspirations.