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We provide you with a quick and convenient way to get a pregnancy fit-to-fly when you need it.

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Excellent service. Not long after filling in the entire form, I got connected to a Doctor and the process went very smoothly. Highly recommended.- Mary, London W7

Super quick response, highly recommended service. - Kurt, London SW6

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How it works

1. Complete a short online questionnaire

No appointment required – simply complete a short medical questionnaire and upload photos of your maternity notes or other medical evidence.

2. Doctor Reviews Evidence

One of our GMC-registered GPs will review and validate the submitted medical evidence.

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3. Receive your certificate

Receive your fit-to-fly certificate as soon as same day or next working day, straight to your inbox.


Medical Letters We Offer

Pregnancy Fit-to-Fly Certificate

Expectant mothers can receive a fit-to-fly letter ensuring no unnecessary delays or hiccups on the day of travel. Many airlines may require a Fit for Flight Letter for Expecting Mothers from an eligible healthcare professional. Present your letter confidently, as it is accepted by airlines worldwide.

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Emergency Cancellation Letter for Travel

Obtain your certification quickly and effortlessly with no appointments necessary. Our letters are accepted by airlines, travel insurers, accommodation providers, and holiday companies. Obtain official confirmation of your unforeseen medical circumstances, supporting your need for cancellation.

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Sick Note for Work

Receive a formal confirmation of your sickness, ensuring you obtain sick leave from work.

Letters are easily verified for authenticity by your workplace, providing peace of mind to both you and your employer.

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Student sick leave letter

Obtain official confirmation of your mitigating circumstances, supporting your academic needs. Ensure your situation is properly considered by presenting a reliable Student Sick Leave Letter Our Student Sick Leave Letters are widely accepted by UK colleges and universities.

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About Us

Medical Cert

  • Medical Cert is powered by a team of experienced general practitioners providing quick & hassle-free GP certification services

    All of our doctors are licensed GPs who hold full registration with the UK General Medical Council and have extensive experience in providing high quality clinical care in various NHS and private settings.


Asked Questions

Who needs a pregnancy fit-to-fly certificate?

Most airlines require pregnant women travelling beyond 28 weeks to have medical clearance to fly. This is usually in the form of a medical certificate or letter from a doctor. We can help! No appointment required, and no need to visit a doctor. Simply complete our online request form now.

How do I get an urgent fit-to-fly letter or certificate?

It’s quick and easy! Simply complete the brief online questionnaire and complete the payment. After purchasing your fit-to-fly letter online, a doctor will review the medical evidence the same day and we will provide you with your unique fit-to-fly certificate for you to present to your airline. There is no need to have a telemedicine or online consultation to receive a fit-to-fly certificate. Our Doctors may call or email you directly if they have any additional questions.

Can I get a fit-to-fly letter without seeing a doctor?

You do not need to see a GP to get one. Our revolutionary online service allows you to be assessed by one of our GPs without needing an appointment, simply by uploading your details and evidence through our forms. One of our GPs will then consider your medical history, symptoms, and any potential risks associated with your condition and travel before issuing your medical certificate. You will then receive the letter directly to your inbox.

What medical evidence will you require?

We will require you to upload:
✓ A photo / copy of your Passport to confirm your identity
✓ Complete a short medical questionnaire
✓ A copy/pictures of your antenatal (pregnancy) clinical notes.

Do you provide refunds?

We always provide full refunds if we are unable to provide a Medical Letter in your situation, so you can submit your requests with peace of mind. Once a fit-to-fly has been issued we are unable to offer refunds.

How soon will I receive my medical fit-to-fly letter or certificate?

Our team of GPs will review your medical evidence and questionnaire on the same day and provide you with your fir-to-fly within 1 working day. We also offer a guaranteed by 9am service for Medical letters for evidence that has been uploaded by 11pm GMT Sunday - Friday. With our express overnight service you will receive your fit-to-fly letter or certificate in your inbox overnight by 9am next day. For example, an application submitted at 11pm on a Thursday night will be assessed and delivered by 9am on Friday morning.

Who will sign my fit-to-fly Letters and medical certificates?

All of the doctors at Medical Cert are fully licensed GMC-registered GPs, unlike many other services who use very junior non-specialist doctors, which may sometimes cause their letters to be rejected. You can submit any letters you receive from Medical Cert with full confidence, knowing that an experienced GP has signed your document. We are a UK based healthcare service but the certificates can be used for airlines internationally. All of our Doctors are registered GPs with the UK General Medical Council.

How far in Advance should I request my fit-to-fly letter?

Generally, the earlier you apply for a fit-to-fly the better. However it is essential to check with your particular airline for their specific requirements, as some airlines may require the letter to be completed within 6 days of the booked flight, while others allow several weeks. Our service is quick and guaranteed within the advertised time-frame, so you can plan your travel with peace of mind.

Can you complete a specific form required by airline?

Yes, in most cases we can help with special forms required by airlines. Simply upload the required form together with your medical evidence.

Can your doctor’s letters be verified by the airline?

Absolutely. Each letter or certificate issued will have a unique reference number and can be verified free of charge by emailing us at

Do I need a fit-to-fly for domestic flights?

Each airline issues their own policy which we encourage you to refer to, however most airlines do require a fit-to-fly for pregnant women regardless of the destination or length of flight.

Will my fit-for-flight letter for pregnant women be accepted internationally?

Yes, fit-for-flight letters issued by Medical Cert UK are widely accepted by airlines internationally.

Safe Travels for Expectant Mothers: Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificates

Are you an expectant mother planning to travel? Ensure a smooth and stress-free journey with our Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificates. At MedicalCert, we understand the importance of your safety and peace of mind during pregnancy, especially when it comes to air travel. Our comprehensive certification service is designed to provide you with the necessary documentation to travel confidently, keeping both you and your baby’s well-being in mind.

Why Choose Our Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificates?

  1. Expert Guidance: Our certificates are issued by qualified healthcare professionals who specialize in prenatal care. You can trust that our team has the expertise to assess your medical condition and provide accurate certification.

  2. Compliance Assurance: Airlines often require pregnant passengers to provide a Fit to Fly certificate after a certain gestational age. Our certificates are compliant with international aviation regulations, ensuring a hassle-free boarding process.

  3. Customized Assessment: Each certificate is tailored to your individual needs and travel plans. We take into account factors such as your gestational age, medical history, and destination to ensure that you receive the most appropriate certification.

  4. Convenience: We understand that pregnancy involves many appointments and preparations. That’s why we strive to make the certification process as convenient as possible for you. Simply fill out our online form, and our team will handle the rest, delivering your certificate promptly.

  5. Peace of Mind: Traveling during pregnancy can be daunting, but with our Fit to Fly certificates, you can travel with confidence. Knowing that you have been assessed by healthcare professionals and deemed fit for travel can alleviate any worries you may have about the journey.

How It Works:

  1. Fill Out the Form: Visit our website and fill out the online form with your personal information, medical history, and travel details.

  2. Review and Assessment: Our team of healthcare professionals will review your information and assess your suitability for air travel during pregnancy.

  3. Certificate Issuance: Once your assessment is complete and you meet the criteria for certification, we will issue your Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificate.

  4. Receive Your Certificate: Your certificate will be delivered to you electronically, ready to be presented to the airline when checking in for your flight.

  5. Enjoy Your Trip: With your Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificate in hand, you can embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that you have met all necessary requirements for safe air travel during pregnancy.


  1. When Should I Apply for a Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificate? It is recommended to apply for your certificate well in advance of your travel date to ensure ample time for processing and any necessary follow-up assessments.

  2. Is a Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificate Required for Every Airline? While not all airlines require a Fit to Fly certificate for pregnant passengers, many do, especially after a certain gestational age. It is always best to check with your airline before traveling.

  3. What Information Is Required for the Certificate Application? You will need to provide personal information, including your name, contact details, medical history, and travel itinerary. Additionally, you may be asked to provide documentation from your healthcare provider, such as prenatal records or ultrasound reports.

Travel Safely with MedicalCert:

At MedicalCert, we prioritize your safety and convenience, especially during pregnancy. Our Pregnancy Fit to Fly Certificates are designed to facilitate smooth and worry-free air travel for expectant mothers. Trust us to provide you with the certification you need to embark on your journey with confidence. Apply for your certificate today and enjoy a safe and comfortable travel experience during pregnancy.

A fit to fly certificate for pregnancy is a doctor’s note that says you are healthy enough to travel by plane while pregnant. Doctors check if you can safely fly, especially when your pregnancy is more advanced.

Airlines ask for this certificate to make sure both you and your baby will be okay during the flight.

The purpose of getting a fit to fly letter for pregnancy is clear. It helps avoid any risks while flying and assures airline staff that a medical professional has said it’s safe for you to travel.

Without this letter, airlines might not let you board, mainly if your due date is close or if there are specific health concerns tied to your pregnancy.

Importance for safe travel during pregnancy

Understanding the definition and purpose of a fit to fly certificate during pregnancy sets the stage for recognising its critical role in safe travel. This document acts as a green light from healthcare providers, confirming that it is safe for expectant mothers to take flights.

It ensures airlines that the journey will not pose risks to the pregnant traveller or lead to unexpected medical emergencies mid-air.

Securing this clearance provides peace of mind for both pregnant passengers and flight crews. With a fit to fly certificate, expectant mothers can navigate airports and airplane journeys with confidence, knowing their health and their baby’s welfare have been deemed secure by medical professionals.

This process helps minimise potential complications related to pregnancy while thousands of feet above ground, making air travel safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.

Validity and verification

A fit to fly certificate for pregnancy shows that a doctor believes you’re healthy to travel by plane. This document needs checking before your trip. It tells airlines you and your baby are safe to fly.

Each airline has its own rules on how far along in pregnancy they allow women on board. You must check these rules and get your certificate close to the date of flight. A medical professional will look at your health and sign off if all is well.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, keep a copy of this certification handy during check-in and boarding. Your certificate should not be older than 7-10 days from the date of flying, depending on what airline you choose.

Next, we explore which airlines accept these certifications and their different policies for pregnant passengers.

Popular airlines that accept certificates

Many major carriers welcome fit-to-fly certificates for pregnant passengers. They understand the need for clear, safe travel guidelines. Here’s a glance at some popular airlines and their acceptance policy in table format:


AirlineDomestic FlightsInternational Flights
British AirwaysUp to 36 weeksUp to 28 weeks without certificate, 28 to 36 weeks with certificate
Delta Air LinesNo restriction, certificate may be needed based on healthNo restriction, certificate may be needed based on health
EmiratesN/AUp to 29 weeks without certificate, 29 to 36 weeks with certificate
QantasUp to 36 weeks for flights less than 4 hoursUp to 28 weeks without certificate, 28 to 36 weeks with certificate for flights over 4 hours
Singapore AirlinesN/AUp to 28 weeks without certificate, 28 to 36 weeks with certificate


Each airline has its guidelines for pregnant passengers. Travellers should check with the carrier before their trip.


1. What is a fit to fly certificate for pregnancy?

A fit to fly certificate for pregnancy is a document from a doctor that says you are safe to travel by plane while pregnant.

2. How do I get a fit to fly certificate if I’m pregnant?

To get this certificate, simply fill out our online consultation and we’ll assess if it’s safe for you and your baby to fly. They might ask about your health and look at any medical records.

3. Do all pregnant women need this certificate to travel by air?

Yes, most airlines ask for a fit to fly letter if you are flying late into your pregnancy. It’s best to check the airline’s policy when you book your ticket.

4. Until when in my pregnancy can I fly without needing a medical note?

This can vary, but many airlines require the note if you’re traveling after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Always confirm with your airline before planning your trip.

5. Can I get the fit to fly letter online?

Yes, simply fill out our online consultation and we’ll assess if it’s safe for you and your baby to fly. The whole consultation is done online.

6. Is there an NHS option for getting this certification?

Yes, some NHS GPs provide these letters, but they may charge a fee since it’s not covered under NHS services.

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