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  • Medical Cert is powered by experienced general practitioners providing quick & hassle-free GP certification services

    All of our doctors are licensed GPs who hold full registration with the UK General Medical Council and have extensive experience in providing high quality clinical care in various NHS and private settings. All of our doctors are registered with the FCDO and authorised to issue visa medicals.

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MedicalCert takes a modern approach to digital healthcare

Our platform offers quicker access to health certification while alleviating strain on the NHS. Our dedicated team of doctors is ready to assist without the need for appointments, day and night.
Our doctors are all NHS-trained and registered with the General Medical Council as well as the FCDO, and fully authorised to issue medical letters. In the rare event that our doctors cannot provide a certificate or letter for your situation, a full refund is guaranteed.




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Asked Questions

How do I get an urgent medical letter or certificate?

It’s quick and easy! Simply complete the brief online questionnaire and complete the payment. After purchasing your medical letter online, a doctor will review the medical evidence the same day and we will provide you with your unique medical certificate for you to present to your work place or institution. There is no need to have a telemedicine or online consultation to receive a medical letter. Our Doctors may call or email you directly if they have any additional questions.

Can I get a sick note or medical letter without seeing a doctor?

All medical letters including sick notes must be signed and certified by a doctor, but you do not always need to see a GP to get one. Our revolutionary service allows you to be assessed by one of our GPs without needing an appointment, simply by uploading your concerns and evidence through our forms. One of our GPs will then consider your medical history, current symptoms, and any potential risks associated with your condition and work or study environment before issuing your medical certificate. You will then receive the letter directly to your inbox.

What medical evidence will you require?

We will require you to upload:
✓ A photo / copy of your Passport or driver’s licence to confirm your identity
✓ Complete a short medical questionnaire
✓ Upload a short video or photographs via your mobile confirming your symptoms and reason for a medical letter

Do you provide refunds?

We always provide full refunds if we are unable to provide a Medical Letter in your situation, so you can submit your requests with peace of mind. Once a medical certificate or sick note has been issued we are unable to offer refunds.

How soon will I receive my medical letter or certificate?

Our team of GPs will review your medical evidence and questionnaire on the same day and provide you with your Medical Letter or Certificate within 1 working day. We also offer a guaranteed by 9am service for Medical letters for evidence that has been uploaded by 11pm GMT Sunday - Thursday. With our express overnight service you will receive your medical letter or certificate in your inbox overnight by 9am next day. For example, an application submitted at 11pm on a Thursday night will be assessed and delivered by 9am on Friday morning.

Who will sign my Medical Letters and medical certificates?

All of the doctors at Medical Cert are fully licensed GMC-registered GPs, unlike many other services who use very junior non-specialist doctors, which may sometimes cause their letters to be rejected. You can submit any letters you receive from Medical Cert with full confidence, knowing that an experienced GP has signed your document. We are a UK based healthcare service but the certificates can be used internationally. All of our Doctors are registered GPs with the UK General Medical Council.

Can a sick leave letter be backdated?

Yes, we are able to backdate letters provided you are able to submit some evidence to indicate when you became unwell. Our sick notes are valid for up to 14 days at a time, but can be extended if you remain unwell.

Can you complete a specific form required by my institution or workplace?

Yes, in most cases we can help with special forms required by some institutions. Simply upload the required form with your medical evidence.

Can your doctor’s letters be verified by my workplace or institution?

Absolutely. Each letter or certificate issued will have a unique reference number and can be verified free of charge by emailing us at

Can you issue an NHS “Statement of Fitness for Work” also known as “Fit Notes”?

We facilitate access to private medical letters and do not issue Med3 Fit Notes. Med3 Fit Notes are required for UK government benefit applications and can be obtained through your registered NHS GP. If you require a private medical letter for most other purposes, we are here to assist you in obtaining a doctor’s letter conveniently and quickly.

What Is A Letter From Doctor Confirming Illness In The UK?

Are you wondering what a letter from a doctor confirming illness in the UK looks like? These letters are key pieces of medical evidence. Our article will guide you through understanding, obtaining, and using one.

Keep reading to find out more.

Understanding A Letter From Doctor Confirming Illness

A letter from a doctor confirming illness is often required for various purposes in the UK. It serves as important medical evidence and can be necessary for different situations.

Types of medical evidence used in the UK

In the UK, doctors and healthcare workers use different kinds of medical proof. They might give you a sickness letter if you’re not well. This shows your employer or school that you are really sick.

They also use medical records to show what’s been happening with your health. This includes notes from visits to your GP (general practitioner) or hospital stays.

For more serious situations, like when someone is hurt and needs to prove it for a court case, they use injury claim letters or personal injury letters before action. These documents are very detailed and show exactly how the person got hurt and what treatment they needed.

Doctors gather information from physical exams, mental health assessments by psychiatrists or clinical psychologists, and tests done by nurses or physiotherapists to make these reports as strong as possible.

When is a doctor’s letter required?

Moving from the various types of medical evidence in the UK, we now explore situations needing a doctor’s letter. You may need one for many reasons. If you’re dealing with health problems, such as depression or cancer, your employer might ask for a letter to understand your needs better and make reasonable adjustments at work.

This helps keep the workplace safe and supportive for everyone.

Getting this letter is also crucial when you have been away from work due to illness. Employers often require it to offer sick pay or understand how long you’ll be away. It’s not just about work; sometimes, if you’re making a personal injury claim after an accident, this document is necessary to prove that your injuries are serious and affect your daily life.

Schools might also ask for it if a student misses many days due to being unwell, ensuring they get the right support while dealing with their health issues.

How to Get A Letter From Doctor Confirming Illness

To obtain a doctor’s letter confirming illness, you need to visit your GP. They will assess your condition and provide the necessary documentation. In situations where a doctor’s letter is required for legal or administrative purposes, always consult with your GP to ensure all relevant information is included.

Procedure for obtaining a doctor’s letter

First, make an appointment with your GP or healthcare professional. Explain why you need a letter confirming illness. Your doctor will review your medical history and may perform a medical examination.

They will decide if they can write the letter based on their findings.

Next, provide any details that should be included in the letter, such as dates of illness and specific symptoms. There might be fees for this service, so ask about costs upfront. Once the doctor writes the letter, you can collect it from the surgery or they might send it directly to where it’s needed.

Common scenarios in which a doctor’s letter may be needed

Doctors often write letters for people who are unwell. These letters can be important in many situations. For example, you might need one if you’re too sick to go to work and your employer asks for proof of your illness.

This is known as a sickness confirmation doctors letter. Or, if you get hurt because of something that happened at work, you might use an injury claim letter template to help with your workers’ compensation case.

Another time the doctor’s note comes in handy is when applying for certain benefits or services due to health issues. People with long-term health conditions like long covid may need documents from their healthcare professionals for support claims.

Next, we will discuss notarisation of a doctor’s letter and why it matters.

Notarisation of A Doctor’s Letter

Before a doctor’s letter is notarised, it must be carefully reviewed and authenticated. Notarisation of medical documents ensures their legal validity for various purposes.

What is notarisation?

Notarisation is when a notary public confirms that a signature on a document is genuine. The notary public makes sure the person signing the paper is who they say they are and understands what they are signing.

This process helps prevent fraud and ensures that documents can be trusted by others, like employers or government officials.

Documents, such as a doctor’s letter confirming illness, often need this step to be officially accepted in other countries or by certain institutions. After getting the necessary confirmation from a medical professional about your health condition, taking it for notarisation is key if you’re planning to use it abroad or for formal purposes.

Next up: Understanding why notarising a doctor’s letter matters so much.

Importance of notarising a doctor’s letter

Making sure a doctor’s letter is notarised keeps it true and safe. This step proves the signature on the document is real, which stops anyone from making fake claims about their health.

For things like job screenings or moving to another country, having this extra layer of check means your document meets high standards. It tells employers, visa officers, and others that a medical professional really did say what you claim about your health.

By getting this official stamp, people can trust the medical note more easily. It cuts down doubts for people who need to see your health information for work or legal reasons. This process makes sure everyone agrees on what the letter says about your condition or disability.

Notarising also helps in situations where there’s a need to prove if someone was unfairly treated because of their health at work or elsewhere.

Uses of Notarised Doctor’s Letters

Notarised doctor’s letters are used in employment and for travel and immigration. They provide official confirmation of illness or medical conditions.


In the workplace, a letter from a doctor confirming illness can be crucial. Employers often need this for sick leave or to support special working conditions. This ensures that workers get the right care and adjustments at their job.

Such letters also help with pre-employment screening. They prove if an applicant is fit for work, meeting health and safety standards.

Next comes travel and immigration, where these letters play another big role.

Travel and Immigration

When travelling to the UK, having a notarised doctor’s letter confirming illness might be necessary for immigration purposes. This document can provide evidence of your medical condition and ensure you receive appropriate care while in the UK.

The notarised doctor’s letter can also support any visa applications that require proof of health conditions or ongoing treatment. Therefore, if you have any existing medical conditions or ongoing treatments, obtaining a notarised doctor’s letter may be crucial before travelling to the UK.

In addition, when seeking entry into the UK for medical treatment reasons, having a notarised doctor’s letter is essential. It serves as official documentation outlining your need for specific medical services in the UK.

How to Notarise A Doctor’s Letter

To notarise a doctor’s letter, follow these steps:

1. Arrange an appointment with a public notary.

2. Bring the original doctor’s letter and a form of identification.

If needed, seek guidance from legal professionals for accurate information.

Steps involved in notarising a doctor’s letter

Notarising a doctor’s letter involves these steps:

1. Schedule an appointment with a notary public.

2. Bring the original doctor’s letter and your identification to the appointment.

3. Sign the doctor’s letter in front of the notary, who will then certify it with their seal and signature.


In conclusion, understanding the process of obtaining a doctor’s letter confirming illness in the UK and its notarisation is essential. Having this documentation can be crucial for various purposes such as employment and travel.

It’s important to know how to get it and the significance of notarising it. This knowledge empowers individuals to navigate through requirements seamlessly.


1. What is a letter from a doctor confirming illness in the UK?

A letter from a doctor confirming illness in the UK is a document that shows you are sick. Your GP or another doctor writes it to prove your health condition.

2. Why might I need a sickness letter from my doctor?

You might need this letter for work, to show you have been ill and why you needed to take sick days. It can also help if you’re dealing with issues like workplace safety or harassment.

3. Can this type of letter support personal injury claims?

Yes, if you’re hurt and it’s not your fault, a doctor’s letter can be part of your evidence. This helps when sending a personal injury letter before action.

4. Do all doctors write letters confirming illness?

Most doctors can write these letters, including GPs in primary care and specialists in hospitals or private practice. Occupational therapists and other allied healthcare professionals may also provide relevant information based on their care.

5. How does this relate to disabled people under the Equality Act?

For disabled people, such a letter could help prove their condition as per the Equality Act requirements, ensuring they receive proper adjustments at work or elsewhere for equality.

6. Is there anything else these letters are used for besides work reasons?

These letters are useful beyond just work-related needs; they can verify conditions for social workers, aid in medical screening processes, support applications for emotional support animals, vaccine passports, pensions and more.


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