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Our Ethical and Medical Code of Practice

This page outlines the fundamental principles underlying MedicalCert’s commitment to delivering online medical letters. We prioritise core values like authenticity and integrity, emphasising identity and evidence verification through video uploads and medical documentation, detection and appropriate handling of red flags, safety protocols, safeguarding measures, appropriate medical follow-up, and the preservation of continuity of care. This is achieved by collaborating with and working in accessory to the patient’s regular NHS GP surgery.

The advancement of technology has positively transformed healthcare, allowing patients to access medical services online and receive virtual medical assistance. The reliance on face-to-face appointments for prescriptions, second opinions, specialist referrals, or medical letters with lengthy waiting periods has diminished. MedicalCert aims to alleviate pressure on NHS services while upholding the paramount importance of patient safety. Our comprehensive Code of Practice outlines stringent guidelines to ensure the integrity, professionalism, and validity of our online medical letters service.

Verification through video and photo evidence with medical documentation

Maintaining the credibility of our medical letters is of utmost importance to MedicalCert. To achieve this, we place a strong emphasis on the verification process. By implementing a series of mandatory steps, including the secure upload of video and photo evidence, our qualified and licensed medical professionals conduct assessments using both visual evidence and medical documentation. This dual-requirement approach enhances diagnostic accuracy and fosters trust between doctors and patients, establishing MedicalCert as a reliable healthcare provider.

Identity verification

A critical aspect of our Code of Practice is the confirmation of the patient’s identity before issuing any medical letter. Robust identity verification protocols are employed to prevent potential fraud or misuse of our services. This not only safeguards the patient but also contributes to the overall reputation, integrity, and security of our platform. No medical letter is issued without ID verification.

Patient safety

MedicalCert prioritises patient safety through a comprehensive safety netting system. Our doctors are trained to identify potential red flags and risks during consultations, adopting a proactive and human approach to safety. This ensures a minimised likelihood of oversight and maximises the accuracy, compassion, and professionalism of our care service.


Our customers are our patients, and their safety, privacy, and well-being are paramount. MedicalCert’s doctors are trained to identify and address safeguarding cases of potential harm, abuse, or suicidal thoughts or attempts, ensuring a secure and supportive environment for all patients.

Understanding our limitations

MedicalCert’s medical letters fulfil specific purposes for employment, travel, or insurance. We acknowledge and communicate openly about our limitations as a specialised service offering online assessments through medical questionnaires. While we strive to provide comprehensive care through video and photo medical evidence, certain aspects, such as hands-on examinations, are not feasible remotely. Patients are informed about these limitations to manage their expectations regarding the services we offer.

Patients first

MedicalCert recognizes the importance of ongoing care beyond issuing a medical certificate. Our Code of Practice reflects our commitment to providing patients with relevant health advice related to their diagnosis or complaint, along with recommendations for further action. Patients are always advised to inform their regular GP of their symptoms or condition where we are unable to provider medical care. This approach aligns with NHS training and GMC qualifications, ensuring that our patients are treated as patients first, not merely as customers, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.

Continuity of care

MedicalCert places a strong emphasis on continuity of care. Patient’s are advised to inform their GPs of their condition and symptoms for ongoing medical care. The aim of our service is to work synergistically with the NHS, supporting rather than hindering the patient’s current and future care requirements.


MedicalCert’s commitment to good medical practice and adherence to the highest standards for online medical letters services are evident in our Code of Practice. By prioritising key pillars such as verification, identity protection, safety, and safeguarding, we aim to be an example of an excellent remote healthcare service. As healthcare adapts to evolving technology and population demands, MedicalCert remains dedicated to providing accessible, reliable, and high-quality medical services globally, with compassionate care at its core.