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College or University Sick Note

Medical sickness certificate for University or College, required to confirm sickness or a health condition and its impact on your studies or attendance.

✓ No appointment required
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✓ Signed by a fully registered experienced GP
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Sick Leave Certification

In instances of absence from studies, or health conditions impacting your academic performance, your University or college may request a medical sickness certificate as proof.

Our medical practitioners can issue a hassle-free sick leave certificate on the same day or overnight, straight to your inbox.

This certificate will confirm the details of your illness, its duration, whether it is ongoing or resolved, and any necessary sick leave.

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How it Works


Complete a short online questionnaire

No appointment required – simply complete a short medical questionnaire and upload a 30 second video of your symptoms and any other medical evidence.


Doctor Reviews Evidence

One of our FCDO and GMC registered GPs will review and validate the submitted medical evidence. They'll start preparing your certificate - or in the rare instance we aren't able to issue one, you'll get a full refund.

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Receive your certificate

Receive your medical certificate or sick note as soon as same day or by 9am next-day, straight to your inbox. You'll receive a PDF of your doctor's note that you can instantly share as needed.


What will you receive?

You will obtain a verifiable digital PDF certificate bearing the signature of a registered medical doctor, sent directly to your mobile device. This document will include the following information:

✓ Your name, date of birth, and address.
✓ Details of your sickness or medical condition, including the onset of symptoms and current status (ongoing or recovered).
✓ Up to 14 days of sick leave at a time.
✓ Signed and authorised by one of our General Medical Council (GMC) registered UK GPs.
✓ Contact information for Medical Cert for verification purposes.




 1-2 day delivery.

 Delivered to your inbox.

 Signed by a fully registered GP.



 ✅ Next day delivery before 9AM.

 ✅ Delivered to your inbox.

 ✅ Signed by a fully registered GP.


Asked Questions

How do I get an urgent medical letter or certificate?

It’s quick and easy! Simply complete the brief online questionnaire and complete the payment. After purchasing your medical letter online, a doctor will review the medical evidence the same day and we will provide you with your unique medical certificate for you to present to your work place or institution. There is no need to have a telemedicine or online consultation to receive a medical letter. Our Doctors may call or email you directly if they have any additional questions.

Can I get a sick note or medical letter without seeing a doctor?

All medical letters including sick notes must be signed and certified by a doctor, but you do not always need to see a GP to get one. Our revolutionary service allows you to be assessed by one of our GPs without needing an appointment, simply by uploading your concerns and evidence through our forms. One of our GPs will then consider your medical history, current symptoms, and any potential risks associated with your condition and work or study environment before issuing your medical certificate. You will then receive the letter directly to your inbox.

What medical evidence will you require?

We will require you to upload:
✓ A photo / copy of your Passport or driver’s licence to confirm your identity
✓ Complete a short medical questionnaire
✓ Upload a short video or photographs via your mobile confirming your symptoms and reason for a medical letter

Do you provide refunds?

We always provide full refunds if we are unable to provide a Medical Letter in your situation, so you can submit your requests with peace of mind. Once a medical certificate or sick note has been issued we are unable to offer refunds.

How soon will I receive my medical letter or certificate?

Our team of GPs will review your medical evidence and questionnaire on the same day and provide you with your Medical Letter or Certificate within 1 working day. We also offer a guaranteed by 9am service for Medical letters for evidence that has been uploaded by 11pm GMT Sunday - Thursday. With our express overnight service you will receive your medical letter or certificate in your inbox overnight by 9am next day. For example, an application submitted at 11pm on a Thursday night will be assessed and delivered by 9am on Friday morning.

Who will sign my Medical Letters and medical certificates?

All of the doctors at Medical Cert are fully licensed GMC-registered GPs, unlike many other services who use very junior non-specialist doctors, which may sometimes cause their letters to be rejected. You can submit any letters you receive from Medical Cert with full confidence, knowing that an experienced GP has signed your document. We are a UK based healthcare service but the certificates can be used internationally. All of our Doctors are registered GPs with the UK General Medical Council.

Can a sick leave letter be backdated?

Yes, we are able to backdate letters provided you are able to submit some evidence to indicate when you became unwell. Our sick notes are valid for up to 14 days at a time, but can be extended if you remain unwell.

Can you complete a specific form required by my institution or workplace?

Yes, in most cases we can help with special forms required by some institutions. Simply upload the required form with your medical evidence.

Can your doctor’s letters be verified by my workplace or institution?

Absolutely. Each letter or certificate issued will have a unique reference number and can be verified free of charge by emailing us at

Can you issue an NHS “Statement of Fitness for Work” also known as “Fit Notes”?

We facilitate access to private medical letters and do not issue Med3 Fit Notes. Med3 Fit Notes are required for UK government benefit applications and can be obtained through your registered NHS GP. If you require a private medical letter for most other purposes, we are here to assist you in obtaining a doctor’s letter conveniently and quickly.

How To Obtain A University Sick Note For Your College Or University Absences

Feeling under the weather can make keeping up with university work tough. Good news: you can get a doctor’s note to explain your absences. Our guide will show you the easy steps to secure a medical note, quick and worry-free.

Keep reading to find out how!

Key Takeaways

  • You can get a sick note from UK doctors online, making the process quick and easy.
  • Doctors check your medical evidence and provide a certificate on the same day to help you report absences fast.
  • Universities accept these medical letters if they come from GMC – registered doctors, ensuring fairness in handling absences.
  • Your personal and health information stays safe thanks to strict data protection laws.
  • If for some reason you cannot get a medical letter, the service offers refunds.

Understanding the Importance of a University Sick Note

Moving on from the introduction, a university sick note plays a crucial role for students. It officially explains why they missed school due to illness. Universities and colleges accept these medical letters, making them important for your academic record.

Getting a sick note proves you were ill and not skipping school without reason. It helps with exams or assignments you might miss while unwell. This certificate is your evidence and supports fairness in how schools handle absences.

Process of Obtaining a University Sick Note

To obtain a university sick note, you need to provide medical evidence and have it validated by a doctor before receiving the sick note or letter. This establishes the legitimacy of your absence due to illness.

Submitting Medical Evidence

First, you need to gather your medical evidence from a UK doctor. This will show why you missed school. Make sure it includes your ID, the first day you felt sick, what symptoms you had like headache or sensitivity to light, and if you’re feeling better or still sick.

Next, send this information to your uni. They need it to understand and accept your absences. A general practitioner checks everything is correct. Your health details are kept safe and private during this process.

Validation by a Doctor

A GMC-registered doctor must check and sign your request for a student medical leave certificate. This ensures that the document is valid and meets all necessary guidelines. The doctors aim to provide this service on the same day, making it quick for students in need.

Your submitted medical evidence goes through careful review by these professionals. This step guarantees that your university receives only legitimate medical certificates for sick leave.

It helps keep everything clear and fair for both you and your educational institution.

Receiving Your Sicknote or Letter

Once the general practitioner validates your condition, they issue your student medical leave certificate. They aim to do this on the same day you submit your proof. This speed helps you inform your university or college quickly about your absence.

You get the letter via email in a PDF format. This makes it easy for you to share with your school’s administration. Make sure to check and secure this important document right away to avoid any delays in reporting your sick leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to request a doctor letter or certificate? Learn more by diving into the details in the full blog.

How to request a doctor letter or certificate?

To get a doctor’s note for your university, start by going online. You don’t need an appointment with a general practitioner. Fill out the form on the website and upload any proof you have of being unwell.

This could be notes from visits to your GP or details about your condition.

After submitting your evidence, a UK doctor will check it. They aim to approve requests the same day they receive them. Once approved, they send you the medical certificate for sick leave as a PDF document by email.

This quick process helps students explain absences without stress.

Next up: Are certificates issued by services recognised by universities?

Are certificates issued by services recognised by universities?

After learning how to request a doctor’s letter, you might wonder if universities accept these certificates. The answer is yes. Medical letters from UK doctors get recognition at colleges and universities.

These letters must come from doctors registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). This means they meet strict standards.

Students often need medical certificates for sick leave. Universities know this and accept them when signed by GMC-registered physicians. They can be used for various reasons, like migraines or other health issues.

Always make sure your doctor includes all necessary details on the certificate to avoid any problems with your university or college.

Typical time taken to receive the Medical Certificate

Moving from whether universities accept certificates issued by various services, many wonder about the time it takes to get a medical certificate. The goal is always same-day service for those needing a student medical leave certificate PDF.

This fast process means you can submit your request online and often receive your document on the same day. You don’t need to set up an appointment which saves time.

This quick turnaround is crucial for students who need their medical certificate format for sick leave as soon as possible. Online processes with general practitioners make it easier and faster.

You just send in your request, and professionals handle the rest swiftly. This system helps keep everything moving smoothly so you can focus on getting better without worrying about paperwork delays.


Obtaining a university sick note is simple and quick. You can get it online without an appointment from GMC-registered doctors in the UK. This medical letter is accepted by universities, colleges, and employers.

Ensure your data privacy while receiving a same-day service for your medical certificate needs. Refunds are available if the service cannot provide you with what you need!

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