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  • Medical Cert is powered by experienced UK and NHS-trained general practitioners providing quick & hassle-free GP certification services

    All of our doctors are licensed GPs who hold full registration with the UK General Medical Council and have extensive experience in providing high quality clinical care in various NHS and private settings. All of our doctors are registered with the FCDO and authorised to issue visa medicals.

Medical Cert stands at the forefront of online medical certificates in the UK. We thrive on our mission to offer quick and hassle-free GP certification services. With a team of seasoned general practitioners, Medical Cert sets a high standard in clinical care.

All doctors at Medical Cert hold full registration with the UK General Medical Council and have achieved the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in General Practice, ensuring we meet strict training and licensing standards. Our doctors are also registered with the FCDO and authorised to issue visa medicals.

Medical Cert exemplifies expertise and trust in providing medical certification services in the UK. Our experienced team, commitment to patient care, and innovative approach make us leaders in providing healthcare accessibility. 


Meet the team

Dr Maria Knobel

Medical Director

Kurt Philip

Chief Technology Officer

Arindam Mondal

Digital Marketing

Marinela Tolentino

Clinical Administrator,
Nurse Practitioner

Raquel Clabita

Patient Support Coordinator


Why Choose Us

Experienced Medical Professionals

All of our doctors are licensed GPs who hold full registration with the UK General Medical Council and have extensive experience in providing high quality clinical care in various NHS and private settings.

Custom Healthtech

We have revolutionised the process of getting doctor's letters, enabling patients to access medical certification anytime from anywhere.

Patient-centered Approach

We are all about making access easier and more convenient for you. We are committed to getting you a medical certificate quicker and hassle-free without compromising your health.

Around-the-clock Doctors

We are the only service in the UK to offer overnight medical certification services, and we do this by having GPs online 24/7.


Years of experience




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Our Code of Practice

We take what we do very seriously, which is why all our staff adhere strictly to our code of practice to ensure we maintain the highest standards of care and integrity in what we do.

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Our Values


Compassion is at the core of our online medical service, as we understand the importance of empathy and understanding in healthcare. We strive to provide a caring and supportive environment for individuals seeking medical certificates, acknowledging the unique challenges they may be facing.


Our commitment to Excellence ensures that our services meet the highest medical standards of quality and efficiency. We prioritise speed, accuracy, and thoroughness in every medical certificate we issue, valuing the well-being of our clients.


Integrity is a fundamental value that guides our actions, emphasising honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all interactions. We take pride in fostering trust through our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care.


We treat all individuals with respect and dignity, regardless of their background, beliefs, or circumstances. We believe that every person deserves to be treated with compassion and kindness.


We collaborate seamlessly within our organisation to deliver timely and reliable services. Our dedicated team works around the clock to streamline the process, making it easier for individuals to obtain medical letters without needing to access NHS GPs.

Our Mission

We want patients to take control of their health. Our online service makes medical letters accessible without GP appointments, saving NHS resources and relieving pressure on NHS GPs.

Medical Letters We Offer


Student Sick Leave Letter

Obtain official confirmation of your mitigating circumstances, supporting your academic needs. Ensure your situation is properly considered by presenting a reliable Student Sick Leave Letter. Our Student Sick Leave Letters are widely accepted by UK universities and colleges.

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Sports Medical Certificate

Required by many competitive and non-competitive sporting events across Europe and Internationally. Receive a certificate confirming you are fit to participate in sports events.

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Visa Medical Certificate

Get a digital signed Visa Medical Certificate of Good Health (IHR 2005), required for many international visa and work-permits.

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Chickenpox Recovery Certificate

Medical certificate required by airlines to prove chickenpox is no longer infectious and rash is scabbed-over. This certificate confirms that the chickenpox is no longer infectious and that you are fit-to-fly.

Pregnancy Fit-to-Fly Certificate

Expectant mothers can receive a Fit-to-Fly letter ensuring no unnecessary delays on the day of travel. Many airlines may require a Fit-to-Fly Letter for expectant mothers from an eligible healthcare professional. Present your letter confidently, as it is accepted by airlines worldwide.


Emergency Cancellation Letter for Travel

Obtain your certification quickly and effortlessly with no appointments necessary. Our letters are accepted by airlines, travel insurers, accommodation providers, and holiday companies. Obtain official confirmation of your unforeseen medical circumstances, supporting your need for cancellation.

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Gym & Health Club Cancellation

Medical certificate to suspend or cancel your membership due to a medical or health condition. Required in instances of a health conditions or injuries impacting your ability to exercise.

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Sick Note for Work

Receive a formal confirmation of your sickness, ensuring you obtain sick leave from work.

Letters are easily verified for authenticity by your workplace, providing peace of mind to both you and your employer.

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