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Complete a short online questionnaire

No appointment required – simply complete a short medical questionnaire and upload a 30 second video of your symptoms or other medical evidence.


Doctor Reviews Evidence

One of our FCDO and GMC registered GPs will review and validate the submitted medical evidence.

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Doctors Notes We Offer


Sick Note for Work

Receive a formal confirmation of your sickness, ensuring you obtain sick leave from work.

Letters are easily verified for authenticity by your workplace, providing peace of mind to both you and your employer.



Student sick leave letter

Obtain official confirmation of your mitigating circumstances, supporting your academic needs. Ensure your situation is properly considered by presenting a reliable Student Sick Leave Letter Our Student Sick Leave Letters are widely accepted by UK colleges and universities.


Pregnancy Fit-to-Fly Certificate

Expectant mothers can receive a fit-to-fly letter ensuring no unnecessary delays or hiccups on the day of travel. Many airlines may require a Fit for Flight Letter for Expecting Mothers from an eligible healthcare professional. Present your letter confidently, as it is accepted by airlines worldwide.



Emergency Cancellation Letter for Travel

Obtain your certification quickly and effortlessly with no appointments necessary. Our letters are accepted by airlines, travel insurers, accommodation providers, and holiday companies. Obtain official confirmation of your unforeseen medical circumstances, supporting your need for cancellation.


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Medical Cert

  • Medical Cert is powered by experienced general practitioners providing quick & hassle-free GP certification services

    All of our doctors are licensed GPs who hold full registration with the UK General Medical Council and have extensive experience in providing high quality clinical care in various NHS and private settings. All of our doctors are registered with the FCDO and authorised to issue visa medicals.

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Medical Cert takes a modern approach to digital healthcare

Our platform offers quicker access to health certification while alleviating strain on the NHS. Our dedicated team of doctors is ready to assist without the need for appointments, day and night.
Our doctors are all NHS-trained and registered with the General Medical Council as well as the FCDO, and fully authorised to issue medical letters. In the rare event that our doctors cannot provide a certificate or letter for your situation, a full refund is guaranteed.




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Asked Questions

How do I get an urgent medical letter or certificate?

It’s quick and easy! Simply complete the brief online questionnaire and complete the payment. After purchasing your medical letter online, a doctor will review the medical evidence the same day and we will provide you with your unique medical certificate for you to present to your work place or institution. There is no need to have a telemedicine or online consultation to receive a medical letter. Our Doctors may call or email you directly if they have any additional questions.

Can I get a sick note or medical letter without seeing a doctor?

All medical letters including sick notes must be signed and certified by a doctor, but you do not always need to see a GP to get one. Our revolutionary service allows you to be assessed by one of our GPs without needing an appointment, simply by uploading your concerns and evidence through our forms. One of our GPs will then consider your medical history, current symptoms, and any potential risks associated with your condition and work or study environment before issuing your medical certificate. You will then receive the letter directly to your inbox.

What medical evidence will you require?

We will require you to upload:
✓ A photo / copy of your Passport or driver’s licence to confirm your identity
✓ Complete a short medical questionnaire
✓ Upload a short video or photographs via your mobile confirming your symptoms and reason for a medical letter

Do you provide refunds?

We always provide full refunds if we are unable to provide a Medical Letter in your situation, so you can submit your requests with peace of mind. Once a medical certificate or sick note has been issued we are unable to offer refunds.

How soon will I receive my medical letter or certificate?

Our team of GPs will review your medical evidence and questionnaire on the same day and provide you with your Medical Letter or Certificate within 1 working day. We also offer a guaranteed by 9am service for Medical letters for evidence that has been uploaded by 11pm GMT Sunday - Thursday. With our express overnight service you will receive your medical letter or certificate in your inbox overnight by 9am next day. For example, an application submitted at 11pm on a Thursday night will be assessed and delivered by 9am on Friday morning.

Who will sign my Medical Letters and medical certificates?

All of the doctors at Medical Cert are fully licensed GMC-registered GPs, unlike many other services who use very junior non-specialist doctors, which may sometimes cause their letters to be rejected. You can submit any letters you receive from Medical Cert with full confidence, knowing that an experienced GP has signed your document. We are a UK based healthcare service but the certificates can be used internationally. All of our Doctors are registered GPs with the UK General Medical Council.

Can a sick leave letter be backdated?

Yes, we are able to backdate letters provided you are able to submit some evidence to indicate when you became unwell. Our sick notes are valid for up to 14 days at a time, but can be extended if you remain unwell.

Can you complete a specific form required by my institution or workplace?

Yes, in most cases we can help with special forms required by some institutions. Simply upload the required form with your medical evidence.

Can your doctor’s letters be verified by my workplace or institution?

Absolutely. Each letter or certificate issued will have a unique reference number and can be verified free of charge by emailing us at

Can you issue an NHS “Statement of Fitness for Work” also known as “Fit Notes”?

We facilitate access to private medical letters and do not issue Med3 Fit Notes. Med3 Fit Notes are required for UK government benefit applications and can be obtained through your registered NHS GP. If you require a private medical letter for most other purposes, we are here to assist you in obtaining a doctor’s letter conveniently and quickly.

All You Need To Know About How To Get A Doctors Note Online

Finding out how to get a doctor’s note online can be puzzling. One little known fact is that online doctor services such as Medical Cert can provide private sick notes for a nominal fee. This article will guide you through easy steps to obtain one, making your life a bit easier.

Read on!

Key Takeaways

  • You need a doctor’s note if you’re ill for more than 7 days, including weekends and bank holidays. For up to 7 days, you can self-certify your sickness without needing a formal note.
  • Getting a doctor’s note online is quick and easy. First, find a trusted online GP service and receive your fit note digitally if the doctor approves.
  • Unlike most online GP services, at Medical Cert there is no need to register, book an appointment, or attend the virtual consultation. Simply complete the online health consultation form in your own time, and our doctors will review it same day.
  • Fit notes from your registered NHS GP are free for illnesses lasting more than 7 days. However, there are usually charges for online services or private sick notes for short-term illness. Always check costs before booking an appointment.
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) requires that you’ve worked some hours for your employer and earn at least £116 per week on average. Employment Support Allowance (ESA) is available if you don’t qualify for SSP or are unemployed but can’t work due to health issues.
  • Doctors can legally backdate sick notes if needed. Special considerations are given to mental health issues and specific physical conditions requiring time off work.
  • Doctors are unable to forward-date sick notes.

Understanding the Need for a Doctor’s Note

When is a doctor’s note required? How long can you self-certify sickness?

When is a doctor’s note required?

A doctor’s note becomes necessary if you’ve been ill for more than 7 days. This includes weekends and bank holidays. For this period, your employer will ask for a fit note from a healthcare professional to prove you’re not well enough to work.

If your sickness lasts 7 days or less, you won’t need a medical sick note. You can simply tell your employer about your illness without having to provide any formal documentation. This rule helps employees manage short-term sickness with ease and supports employers in understanding their team’s health needs without unnecessary paperwork.

How long can you self-certify sickness? 

You can self-certify sickness for up to 7 days. This period includes weekends and bank holidays. Employers should not request medical proof if your sick leave is 7 days or less. After this period, you may need a doctor’s note to prove you’re not fit for work.

Getting a doctor’s note requires consulting with healthcare professionals if the illness lasts more than a week.

Process of Obtaining a Doctor’s Note

Need a doctor’s note? Find out how to get one online and what’s involved in the process. Consult with healthcare professionals and understand the steps for obtaining a doctor’s note.

How to get a doctor’s note online

Getting a doctor’s note online has become easy and convenient. This process saves time and can be done from anywhere.

  1. Use a reputable online GP service such as Medical Cert. Find a trusted website offering medical certificate assessments online.
  2. Choose the service that fits your needs. Look at their offerings to find one that suits what you’re looking for.
  3. Complete the online health assessment form. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself and the nature of your sickness. Explain why you need time off work.
  4. Submit the consultation for review with a healthcare professional once completed. That’s all you need to do, and Medical Cert does the rest.
  5. A licensed GP will then review your submitted consultation same day, and make an assessment of whether a sick note is appropriate, and if yes, for how long. Doctors will take into consideration your desired length of time off.
  6. The doctor decides if you need a fit note based on your condition and information.
  7. Receive your fit note digitally if approved by the doctor during or after your consultation.
  8. You are then able to forward the digital sick note directed, or can print the fit note for a paper copy if required.

This method supports those who cannot visit a doctor in person due to illness or convenience reasons, providing an alternative way to obtain necessary documentation for sick leave while ensuring they receive professional medical advice.

Fit notes obtained online are just as valid as those received from an in-person visit to your GP, provided they come from certified healthcare professionals operating within recognised services.

For specific advice on health and work issues related to obtaining these documents, Fit for Work offers free help and can be reached via their helpline.

Getting an online doctor’s note is straightforward, fast, and user-friendly, making it an excellent option for individuals needing verification of illness without the hassle of traditional appointments.

Consultation with a healthcare professional

Assessment by a healthcare professional is a critical step in getting a doctor’s note online. You can be assessed by various medical experts such as doctors through video calls, phone consultations, or e-consultation forms where you do not need to speak directly to a doctor.

These professionals assess your health condition and decide if you need time off work. They consider to your symptoms, your general health background, and may have further questions.

Medical Cert and other services offer private assessments where you can get reviewed quickly. Here, health professionals not only give advice but can also issue sick notes or referral letters if necessary.

This process makes it easier for people who cannot visit a GP surgery in person due to their condition or because of busy schedules or difficulty getting a GP appointment.

Medical appointments and telephone consultations

For sicknesses lasting more than 7 days, you need to book a medical assessment to get your doctor’s note for work. The NHS offers these services without charging for the fit note, but require you to make an appointment with your usual GP.

During these appointments, doctors assess your health condition. They decide if you are unfit for work and for how long. You might discuss symptoms, treatments, and recovery times over the phone or in person.

These steps ensure you get the right support while sick.

Costs and Payment Associated with Doctor’s Notes

Doctor’s notes may incur charges, and there are considerations regarding statutory sick pay and employment support allowance that need to be addressed. Understanding the financial aspects of obtaining a doctor’s note is essential.

Charges for doctor’s notes

For sickness lasting more than 7 days, fit notes from your usual NHS GP are free. This helps if you’re off work and need proof for your employer. NHS GPs will not usually offer sick notes for illnesses of less than 7 days. For shorter sickness requiring a doctors letter you might need a private sick note.

Private GPs usually charge you for this service, and costs vary.

Getting a doctor’s note online has made the process easier. Some services offer digital assessments leading to an electronic sick note. These can usually involve nominal fees, and are also able to issue sick notes for short-term illness.

Always ask about charges before booking your online appointment.

Statutory Sick Pay and Employment Support Allowance

To claim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), you must have done some work for your employer, be seen as an employee, and earn at least £116 per week on average. This support provides financial aid if you’re sick and unable to work.

It’s a crucial help for many employees across the UK.

For those who don’t qualify for SSP or are unemployed but cannot work due to health issues, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) offers a lifeline. You can get ESA if you’re under State Pension age and not receiving SSP or Jobseeker’s Allowance.

The amount of ESA you receive varies based on your situation and the type of ESA claimed, paid directly into your bank account.

Exceptions and Special Cases

Some health conditions may require a doctor to backdate a note, and specific issues like mental health problems may need tailored sick notes.

Can a doctor backdate a doctor’s note?

Doctors can legally backdate sick notes. This means they can write a note for you that covers past days when you were ill but did not see a doctor. It helps if your illness kept you from work or school, and now you need proof.

Yet, not all providers will give sick notes for sickness in the past. Always check with your GP or healthcare provider about their policy on backdating notes. Make sure to explain why you need the note backdated. Medical Cert doctors are able to issue back-dated sick notes.

Sick notes for specific health issues

Sick notes for specific health issues cover various medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress-related illnesses. These notes are crucial for individuals experiencing these health issues to receive the necessary time off work.

If a doctor deems it appropriate, they can issue a sick note that aligns with the severity of the condition and the individual’s needs. It is vital to acknowledge that mental health concerns, including anxiety and stress-related conditions, account for a significant portion of sickness leave in the UK workforce.

In addition to mental health matters, sick notes also cater to physical ailments such as chronic pain, musculoskeletal problems, or other debilitating illnesses. These notes play an essential role in ensuring employees dealing with specific health challenges receive adequate support and absence from work when necessary.

Learn all about obtaining a doctor’s note online: when it’s needed, the process, costs, exceptions and more. Fit notes can be obtained from various healthcare professionals. 

Employers cannot force annual leave during sick leave. The Fit for Work assessment service ended in England and Wales on 31 March 2018. Online doctor services offer same-day private sick notes for a fee.


1. What is a doctor’s note and when do I need one?

A doctor’s note, also known as a sick note or medical certificate, is a statement from your general practitioner (GP) or another healthcare professional that confirms you are unwell or have a health condition. You usually need one if you’re unable to work due to illness for more than seven days in the UK.

2. How can I get a doctor’s note online?

You can obtain an online doctor’s note by booking an appointment with your GP or via online healthcare providers such as Medical Cert who offer digital assessments. They will assess your condition over the phone or via video call and can email you the note directly to your inbox.

3. Is it possible to get a NHS doctors’ note online?

Yes, many NHS GPs now provide services digitally, including issuing sick notes online after assessing your health situation via a telephone consultation.

4. What does an online doctors’ note look like?

An online doctor’s note should include details about your health condition, advice on how long you should stay off work, and any other relevant information about adjustments needed for when you return to work. 

5. Can I use an online doctors’ note for my job?

Most employers accept digital sick notes as valid documentation for paid sick leave, part-time work modifications due to health conditions. When applying for benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) you may need a Med 3 Fit note from your usual NHS GP.

6. Are there specific times when getting an NHS doctors’ notice is essential?

Yes! If you’re dealing with severe mental illnesses such as panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), facing distress which might impact your ability to work safely due to health and safety concerns in workplace environments; obtaining a medical certificate becomes crucial not only for accessing welfare payments but also ensuring proper support through occupational health services at work.