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Guidelines For Requesting An Unable To Fly Due To Medical Reasons Letter

Finding yourself unable to fly due to medical reasons can be troubling. Airlines often ask for a doctor’s letter to waive fees or grant refunds. This article guides you on securing that all-important doctor’s note, easing your worries.

Keep reading for simple steps and tips.

Why You May Need a Doctor’s Letter for Flight Cancellation

A person at a doctor's office holding medical and travel documents.

– Avoid cancellation fees and ensure refunds.

– Medical reasons preventing travel require documentation.

Avoiding Cancellation Fees

Getting a doctor’s letter stating you are unable to fly due to medical reasons can save you from paying high cancellation fees. Airlines often charge these fees when passengers cancel their flights.

A valid doctor’s letter proves your condition, making it easier for airlines to waive these costs.


A doctor’s letter can help you avoid costly change or cancellation fees from an airline when unable to fly due to medical reasons.

Ensuring Refunds

Avoiding cancellation fees often leads straight to the question of how to secure refunds for flights you can’t take due to medical reasons. You should receive your refund within 7 days of the flight date.

It’s essential you contact the airline as soon as possible if you decide not to fly. If unable to travel due to illness, providing an “unable to fly due to medical reasons letter” may help.

Passengers with serious or life-threatening illnesses might find airlines more willing to consider their compensation requests individually. The EU Denied Boarding Regulation states that passengers are entitled to compensation for cancellations caused by the airline’s fault but remember this doesn’t always apply in extraordinary circumstances.

Always check your rights and prepare necessary documentation early on, including your unable to travel due to medical reason letter, for a smoother process with the airline.

How to Request a Doctor’s Letter

A doctor is handing a medical letter to a patient in a clinic.

Ask your doctor for a medical letter. Understand the airline’s cancellation policies.

Contact Your Doctor

Call your doctor to discuss your health and travel plans. Explain why you need an unable to fly letter from the doctor or a medical reason for not flying certificate. Your doctor will tell you if it’s safe for you to travel by air.

If they decide you shouldn’t fly, ask them to provide a letter on official stationery. This letter should clearly state your medical condition.

Make sure the letter includes all necessary details about your illness and why it prevents you from flying. Some airlines might also require a fit to fly certificate even if you have a medical condition that usually allows air travel.

Get this sorted well before your flight date to avoid any last-minute problems with airline policies on refunds and cancellations due to health issues.

Understand Cancellation Policies

Airlines have different cancellation policies, so it’s crucial to read the fine print or contact them directly. This ensures you know exactly what they require for waiving fees due to medical reasons.

Some airlines may ask for an unable to fly letter from a doctor as proof of your situation.

Next, gather all necessary documentation before reaching out to your healthcare provider.

Prepare Necessary Documentation

Gather all necessary medical documents before you ask for an unable to fly letter from your doctor. This includes any recent medical reports and a detailed doctor’s note explaining why you can’t fly due to medical reasons.

Make sure these papers clearly show your condition and how it affects your ability to travel by air. It’s also crucial to have a medical certificate if you’re carrying medication that needs to be with you during the flight.

Check that your documentation supports the need for medical repatriation planning, if that applies. For pregnant travellers, ensure you have a letter from your Doctor or Midwife with all essential pregnancy details.

This preparation makes discussions with airlines smoother and helps in requesting refunds or making necessary travel adjustments without delay.

Tips for Getting a Refund Due to Medical Reasons

Assess your illness level carefully before engaging with the airline. Communicate promptly and clearly with the airline about your medical situation.

Judge Your Level of Illness

Be honest with yourself about how sick you are. Airlines consider serious illness cases individually. Common colds don’t qualify for refunds. Only request an unable to fly letter from your doctor if truly needed.


Your health must come first; flying with a severe condition could worsen it.

If you have a stable medical condition, check if you need clearance. Some flights ask for a medical certificate proving you’re fit to fly. Know these requirements before you contact the airline.

Communicate with the Airline

Call the airline as soon as you know you can’t fly due to medical reasons. Explain your situation clearly and ask about their specific policies for medical cancellations and refunds.

Airlines need proper communication to make sure it’s safe for passengers to travel, so give them all the needed details about your health condition.

Provide them with the unable to fly letter from your doctor. This will help them understand your situation better and speed up the process of getting a refund or rescheduling your flight.

Always keep a copy of any documents you send in case they get lost.

Next, consider planning ahead to avoid similar issues in the future.

Think Ahead

Before you fly, plan for any potential medical situations. Ensure your doctor’s letter includes details about why flying may be unsafe for you. Also, consider purchasing travel insurance that covers trip cancellations due to medical reasons.

If a serious illness prevents you from flying, having these measures in place can make the process smoother and less stressful.

If an emergency arises during your trip, locate local healthcare facilities and know how to access medical care in a foreign country. Keep all essential medications easily accessible in your carry-on bag, just in case.


In closing, when facing the need for a doctor’s letter due to medical reasons for flight cancellation, remember that airlines may require proof of fitness to fly. Communication with your healthcare provider is crucial in obtaining a fit-to-fly letter and understanding the airline’s policies.

Ensure you prepare all necessary documentation and communicate openly with the airline about your situation for a smooth process towards getting a refund.


1. What is an unable to fly letter from a doctor?

An unable to fly letter from a doctor is a note that explains why you can’t travel by plane because of medical reasons.

2. How do I get a letter saying I’m unable to travel due to illness?

You must visit your doctor and explain your health issues. The doctor will then decide if your condition means you shouldn’t fly and write the letter for you.

3. Can any illness be a reason for getting an unable to fly letter?

Not all illnesses stop you from flying. Your doctor will tell if your specific health problem is serious enough to need an unable-to-fly letter.

4. What should I do with the unable to fly due to medical reasons letter once I have it?

Once you have the letter, show it to the airline before your flight date. They need this information early so they can help make changes or arrangements needed for your situation.

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