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Can I Request A Sick Note Online?

Feeling too unwell to work is a common problem. You can get a sick note online for up to 2 weeks if needed. This article will show you how to make that request without leaving your home.

Let’s get started.

What is a Sick Note and Who Can Issue it?

A doctor writing a sick note in a medical office.

A sick note is a medical certificate that confirms your illness and need for time off work. Healthcare professionals like doctors, physiotherapists, or nurses can issue a sick note.

Definition of a sick note

A sick note is a paper from a doctor or nurse that says if someone can work or needs to rest because of their health. This paper, also called a fit note or Statement of Fitness for Work, helps when you’ve been ill and unable to go to your job for more than 7 days.

It tells your boss or the person in charge that your time off was necessary due to medical reasons.

Doctors at GP practices, hospital doctors, or registered nurses can write these notes. They check your health and decide if you are not well enough for work or if some changes at work could help you return sooner.

Getting this note means your employer understands why you need time away from work and ensures everything follows the rules about sick leave.

Healthcare professionals who can issue a sick note

Sick notes prove when you’re too ill to work. Many healthcare workers can give you one.

  1. Doctors: They check your health and decide if you need time off work. Doctors work in clinics or hospitals.
  2. Nurses: Nurses often see patients before doctors do. They can judge if you’re too sick to work.
  3. Pharmacists: Sometimes, pharmacists can issue sick notes for minor health issues. You might visit them at a pharmacy.
  4. Physiotherapists: If an injury affects your job, physiotherapists can issue a note after checking you.
  5. Occupational therapists: These experts help if your illness changes how well you do your job. They assess and suggest time off if needed.

Each professional uses their skills to decide on giving a sick note. This helps you get the right support while recovering.

How to Get a Sick Note Online

A person sitting at a computer, filling out a sick note form.

To get a sick note online, explore options for obtaining one from an online source such as Livi UK. Follow the process for requesting a sick note online and use the guide to facilitate the process smoothly.

Options for obtaining a sick note from an online source

Getting a sick note online is easy and fast. Many services offer this to help you when you’re unwell. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Visit an online healthcare provider‘s website. These websites let you talk to doctors over the internet. You just need a device with internet access.
  2. Log in or sign up. If it’s your first time, you’ll need to create an account. Returning users can just log in.
  3. Choose the “Request a Sick Note” option. This section lets you ask for a sick note directly.
  4. Fill in your details accurately. You should include why you’re sick and how long you’ve been feeling unwell.
  5. Book an online appointment with a doctor. This could be done through video call or phone call, depending on what the website offers.
  6. Discuss your health with the doctor during your appointment. Be honest so they can help you properly.
  7. The doctor decides if they can issue a sick note based on your discussion and their assessment.
  8. Receive your sick note electronically, often called an e – fit note, if the doctor approves it.
  9. Download or email the e – fit note directly to your employer from the website or app used for the service.
  10. Follow any advice the doctor gives about treatment or rest for your recovery.

Each step helps ensure that getting care and support when you’re unable to work is straightforward and stress-free.

Process for requesting a sick note online through Livi UK

Moving from the various options to get a sick note online, let’s focus on how you can request one through Livi UK. This process is simple and helps when you can’t see your doctor in person.

  1. Download the Livi app onto your smartphone or tablet. You need this app to start your request.
  2. Create an account with Livi UK if you don’t already have one. You’ll provide some basic information about yourself.
  3. Book an appointment with a GP through the app. You can choose a time that suits you.
  4. Attend your virtual appointment by video call within the Livi app. Here, you’ll talk to the GP about your health issue.
  5. If the GP decides you need a sick note and they can issue one without a physical check-up, they will write it for you.
  6. The GP sends the fit note directly to your inbox in the Livi app as a PDF file.

You can then download or print this PDF file to give to your employer or support your claim for employment and support allowance if needed. This whole process means you can get help without leaving home, making it easier when you’re not feeling well.

Guide to Getting a Sick Note Online

Getting a sick note online is easy and quick. You can do it from home without visiting a doctor in person. Here’s how:

  1. Check if your GP offers online services. Many doctors now let you talk to them through video calls.
  2. Visit Livi UK or a similar service that connects you with NHS – trained doctors over the internet.
  3. Sign up and set up an account. You’ll need to give some personal details to get started.
  4. Book an appointment that fits your schedule. Pick a time when you can have a private talk with the doctor.
  5. Prepare for your appointment by writing down your symptoms and how they affect your work.
  6. Attend the video call with the doctor to discuss your health issues.
  7. The doctor will assess whether you need a sick note based on your conversation.
  8. If you need one, the doctor will create an electronic sick note and explain what it says.
  9. Ask how to get this note sent to you, either by email or another secure method.
  10. Follow the advice on the sick note about taking time off work or making changes at work.

Ensure all details given during your appointment are accurate for a valid sick note. This way, you get the support and rest needed without any stress about work.

What Information is Included in a Sick Note?

A sick note typically includes the date of issue, duration of illness, and the healthcare professional’s signature. It also outlines the specific reasons for the absence from work or school.

Types of information typically included

Getting a sick note online is now possible. Doctors and other health professionals can issue these notes digitally.

Here’s what you will typically find in a sick note:

  1. Patient’s Details: The sick note starts with basic info like the patient’s name, date of birth, and address. This helps to make sure the note matches the right person.
  2. Date of Assessment: This is when the health professional saw or talked to the patient. It ensures that the advice is based on a recent check-up.
  3. Illness or Injury Details: A short description of what is wrong with the patient is included. It might not be very detailed but gives an idea of why the patient needs time off.
  4. Fit for Work Advice: Here, it says if you are unfit for work or if you can do some work with specific changes. This part uses info from your chat with the doctor about how your condition affects your job.
  5. Suggested Time Off: The note suggests how long you should stay away from work to recover properly. It guides both you and your employer on planning your return.
  6. Comments Section: Sometimes, there are extra notes here with advice on managing your condition or making changes at work to help you come back.
  7. Doctor’s Details and Signature: At the end, there’s information about the doctor who issued the sick note along with their signature (digital if it’s an online note). This adds authenticity to the document.

Each piece of information in a sick note plays a crucial part in communicating between doctors, patients, and workplaces ensuring everyone understands the situation clearly.

Importance of accurate information on a sick note

A sick note with accurate information is crucial. This note helps employers understand if they need to pay statutory sick pay. It must show the true reason why a person cannot work.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals provide this important piece of paper.

Employers and employees rely on the accuracy of a sick note for fair support.

This note also helps people prove they are unfit for work, which can help them get health-related benefits. Making sure every detail on the sick note is right helps everyone involved make informed decisions about work and health needs.

FAQ’s About Sick Notes

– Can you obtain a sick note for free from an online source?

– What are the options if you need an extension on your sick note?

Can you get a sick note online for free?

Yes, you can get a sick note online for free from the NHS website after 7 consecutive days of illness. Another option is to request an electronic sick note through an online consultation with healthcare professionals.

How long can a doctor give a sick note for?

A doctor can give a sick note for up to 7 consecutive days if needed. If the sickness lasts beyond 7 calendar days, a fit note from the doctor is required. The duration of the fit note depends on the healthcare professional’s clinical judgment, considering the patient’s condition and needs.

What to do if you need an extension on your sick note?

If you need an extension on your sick note, contact your GP up to two days before it expires. Your doctor may extend it without another visit at their discretion.

Can an employer override a doctor’s sick note in the UK?

Yes, an employer can override a doctor’s sick note in the UK. The fit note, issued by a GP, provides advice to employers about an employee’s fitness for work and any adjustments that might be needed.

However, it is not legally binding on employers. In principle, employers may have the right to overrule a GP’s fit note but must do so carefully as there are regulations in place to protect employees from automatic dismissal due to sickness.

How to send a fit note to your employer.

You can send your fit note to your employer either online or by providing a printed copy, and here’s how:

  1. Online Submission Process:
  • Ensure you have your National Insurance number and a digital or printed fit note completed by a healthcare professional.
  • Access your employer’s designated online portal for submitting fit notes.
  • Follow the specific instructions provided on the portal for uploading and sending your fit note.
  • Printing and Handing Over:
    • Print a copy of the fit note completed by a healthcare professional.
    • Submit the printed fit note to your employer in person or via mail as instructed by your employer.
  • Guidelines for Sending Fit Note:
    • Pay attention to any additional requirements specified by your employer for submitting fit notes, especially if you are making an ESA or Universal Credit claim.
    • Double – check that all required information is accurately included in the fit note before submission.

    Remember, following these steps ensures that your employer receives the necessary documentation without any delays or issues.


    Getting a sick note online is quick and easy. You can request it from an NHS-trained GP without leaving your home. The process is designed to be efficient, providing the support you need when unwell.

    Remember, if you’re off work due to illness, getting a sick note online can help ensure that you receive the necessary support from your employer.

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