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How Do I Get A Sick Note From My Gp

To get a sick note from your GP, you first need to know why you might need one. If you’ve been ill and can’t work for more than 7 days, your boss will usually ask for a fit note. This is a paper from your doctor that tells your boss you are too sick to work.

It’s important because it helps with things like getting paid while you’re off or proving to benefits agencies that you’re unwell.

Getting this note is easy and doesn’t cost anything. A healthcare expert at the clinic, not just doctors but also nurses and therapists, can give it to you. They check on your health and decide if you really should stay home from work.

The Process of Obtaining a Sick Note Online from Your GP

A person discusses medical issues with a GP via video call.

To obtain a sick note online from your GP, you need to first identify the need for it. Then, follow the steps provided by your GP to acquire the sick note through their online platform.

Identifying the Need for a Sick Note

If you’re off work because you’re not feeling well for more than seven days, your boss will usually ask for a note from a doctor or another healthcare worker. This kind of note proves why you need to stay home from work.

It’s called a fit note. You can get one from people like your GP or an occupational therapist if they think you can’t do your job because of health issues.

Your employer might need a fit note to understand how your illness affects your work.

Getting this note is crucial for both workers and bosses. It helps with things like getting sick pay or other benefits while you recover. Employees should know that asking their GP surgery or another medical person for such a document is normal practice during sickness absence that lasts more than a week.

Steps to Acquire a Sick Note from Your GP online

Getting a sick note from your GP online is simple and quick. Here’s how you can do it without having to visit them in person.

  1. Identify if you need a sick note: First, decide whether your health issue requires time off work. This is crucial for both physical and mental illness.
  2. Visit your GP’s website: Look for the option to request a sick note online. It should be easy to find on their site.
  3. Fill out the request form: Provide all necessary details about your illness and why you need time off. Be honest about your symptoms.
  4. Include important numbers: Your national insurance number or other identification may be needed. Make sure you have this ready.
  5. Submit proof if required: Some GPs might ask for evidence of your illness, like a note from a healthcare professional or test results.
  6. Book an online consultation if needed: In some cases, the GP will want to see you through a video call before issuing the note.
  7. Wait for confirmation: After submitting, wait for an email or message confirming your request has been received.
  8. Receive your sick note digitally: Once approved, you’ll get your sick note via email or through the GP’s patient portal, which you can then pass on to your employer.

Remember, a healthcare professional such as a doctor or nurse issues these notes, and it’s perfectly valid to get one through an online process with services like Medicspot GPs offering this service directly from their web platforms.

Closing Notes

A person consulting with a general practitioner in a medical office.

You must wait for the first week of being sick before you can get a fit note from your general practitioner. They cannot give one that starts in the future. This rule helps make sure that doctors only give fit notes when truly needed.

If your workplace needs proof of illness sooner, talk to them about their rules. Some might accept a note from a therapist or other healthcare worker.

If you’re applying for certain types of welfare payments, like Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance, showing a fit note is often required. Your general practitioner plays a key role here by providing documentation that states you’re not well enough to work because of health issues or disabilities.

It’s also important if dealing with conditions like depression or anxiety that affect your ability to work.


1. How do I get a sick note from my GP?

To get a sick note from your GP, you need to book an appointment or contact your doctor’s office. They might offer an online option for requesting a sick note.

2. Can I ask for a sick note for mental health problems?

Yes, you can request a sick note for mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, or other conditions like OCD and bipolar disorder.

3. What happens if I’m self-employed and need a sick note?

If you’re self-employed and require a sick note, visit your GP as usual. You may need it for insurance purposes or statutory benefits like Employment and Support Allowance.

4. Do employers accept digital sick notes from GPs?

Most employers will accept digital or electronic sick notes issued by your GP or through the NHS website.

5. How long can my GP give me a sick note for?

Your GP can issue a sick note for both short-term illnesses and longer conditions, depending on how long they think you’ll be unfit to work.

6. What should I do if my child is ill and I need time off work?

If your child is ill and you must take time off work to care for them, inform your employer immediately. You might be eligible for parental leave or paid time off under specific circumstances.