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How to Request a Legitimate Sick Note Online Without Visiting a Healthcare Professional

Obtaining a sick note can sometimes be as taxing as the ailment itself. Whether it’s a common cold or something more serious, the last thing one might want to do is leave their bed, let alone visit a healthcare professional in person.

Yet, workplace and formalities demand documentation—a fit note—to validate an absence due to illness.

A relevant fact to consider is that in today’s digital age, one does not necessarily need to make this tiresome journey. It is possible—and completely legitimate—to request a sick note online without setting foot outside your door.

The article ahead will unravel how you can leverage technology for this very purpose, detailing every step from service providers like Medical Cert UK to the nuances of what constitutes a fit note.

Your much-needed rest should not be compromised; keep reading to discover how convenience meets necessity with online sick notes. Let’s simplify health together.

Key Takeaways

  • You can get a sick note online by choosing a reputable service such as Medical Cert UK that offers online assessments without seeing a doctor.
  • To request the note, upload your personal details and any necessary medical information or documents to the online form.
  • A legitimate sick note will be emailed to you once the information has been reviewed by a GMC-registered GP; this is accepted by employers for illnesses lasting over seven days.
  • Before requesting an online sick note, know what information is required and understand when to self-certify versus needing a doctor’s note.
  • You can submit a sick note request any time, even during evenings or weekends.
  • Online services like Medical Cert UK are user – friendly and adhere to regulatory standards, ensuring legitimate issuance of fit notes.

Can I Get a Fit Note Without Seeing a Healthcare Professional? 

In the digital age, obtaining a fit note is no longer confined to traditional face-to-face consultations; individuals can legitimately request one online through services such as Medical Cert, bypassing the need for an in-person or even telephone appointment with a healthcare professional.

This modern approach utilises secure online assessments and ensures that patients receive the appropriate documentation required to evidence their health condition for employers or educational institutions.

How to get a sick note online with Medical Cert

Getting a sick note online with Medical Cert is straightforward. Simply complete the short application from on Medical Cert . A GMC-registered and NHS-trained GP will then review the information submitted and generate a personalised and unique sick note letter for you, sent straight to your inbox.

This can be done from home, which is especially helpful when feeling too ill to travel. The doctor assesses their situation and issues a fit note if necessary.

This fit note may be provided on the same day as the assessment for quick resolution. If patients have documentation like hospital discharge summaries, these can also help Medical Cert healthcare professionals issue the fit note without delay.

Online assessments at Medical Cert offer convenience by allowing access to medical advice outside of regular office hours, including evenings and weekends, ensuring that getting support when it’s needed most remains uninterrupted.

How It Works

Navigating the process of obtaining a sick note online is streamlined and user-friendly. Individuals can access medical advice and secure a fit note remotely through digital platforms such as Medical Cert, which connect them with qualified GPs for an online assessment.

1. Complete a short online questionnaire

No appointment required – simply complete a short medical questionnaire and upload a 30 second video of your symptoms or other medical evidence.

2. Doctor Reviews Evidence

One of our GMC-registered GPs will review and validate the submitted medical evidence.

3. Receive your certificate

Receive your medical certificate or sick note as soon as same day or next working day, straight to your inbox.

Organise your sick note without the stress of having to visit a healthcare provider in person, or wait for an appointment. With a few simple taps on your device, you can plan a visit that fits into your life’s rhythm and commitments.

Quick and straightforward, this step moves you closer to receiving official medical advice at your convenience.

Other ways to apply for a sick note

You can also get a sick note from other healthcare professionals who may be treating you. They can issue the note based on their own assessments, or they might use reports from other doctors and health workers.

For those claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), the process is different. You need to fill out an ESA50 form which includes questions about your health and capacity for work.

Send this directly to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

After sorting out your sick leave documentation online or via another method, it’s important to understand how it all works.

Get a fit note from a GMC-registered and NHS-trained GP

Book an online appointment with a GP who is both GMC-registered and trained by the NHS. They can assess your health situation through a health questionnaire and video, or online chat. If you need to take time off work, they are qualified to give you a fit note right away.

You don’t have to leave your home.

The process is simple and follows official guidelines from GOV.UK. A medical professional will talk with you about how you’re feeling. They’ll decide if you should rest from work and for how long.

Then, they issue an official sick note which shows that their advice is based on a proper health assessment. This note helps explain your absence to your employer without any confusion.

The Benefits of Getting a Sick Note Online

Obtaining a sick note through an online service streamlines the process, offering patients a hassle-free solution to certify their absence from work due to illness. It eliminates the need for physical appointments, saving time and reducing the inconvenience often associated with acquiring medical documentation.

Convenience and efficiency

Getting a sick note online saves time and hassle. People no longer need to leave their homes when they feel unwell just to get a piece of paper. With services like Medical Cert, it’s all at your fingertips.

You can book an appointment outside normal office hours, including evenings and weekends. This means less waiting and more resting.

The digital age makes healthcare simpler. One doesn’t have to queue up or fill out forms in person for sick notes anymore. The freedom to manage health needs from any place with internet access is a game-changer.

With apps like Medical Cert, patients receive their electronic fit note within hours after an ehealth consultation—a swift turnaround that traditional appointments can’t match.

No Appointment Required – available evenings and weekends

Getting a sick note no longer means you must take time off work for a doctor’s visit. Online telemedicine services offer flexible appointments that fit your busy schedule. You can request a sick note in the evenings or on weekends, so there’s no need to juggle your commitments.

This convenience ensures you can access a GMC-registered GP without disrupting your day.

With this flexibility, remote sick note consultations cater to those who find regular office hours challenging. Quick and easy access to healthcare fits seamlessly into your life, making it less stressful to manage health concerns outside the traditional nine-to-five routine.

After discussing your situation with an online medical professional, you’ll move on to quickly receiving your digital sick note.

Quick delivery of online sick notes

Patients now have the option to receive sick notes quickly and effortlessly thanks to online services like Medical Cert. On the day of your online assessment, you can get a fit note issued by a healthcare professional.

There’s no need for an in-person doctor’s visit. This rapid process ensures you can prove your illness to employers without delay.

You will find this convenient service especially helpful if you are too unwell to leave home. With just a few clicks, your medical certificate is ready, making it easier for you to focus on getting better instead of worrying about paperwork.

What is a Fit Note?

A fit note, also known as a doctor’s note, is an official medical statement from a healthcare professional declaring whether an individual is fit for work or may need certain adjustments; continue reading to understand its components and the significance it holds in the workplace.

Definition and purpose of a fit note

Fit notes, also known as Statements of Fitness for Work or MED3 forms, are vital documents. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals issue them. They confirm whether someone is not fit to work due to illness or if they may be fit with some adjustments from their employer.

The purpose of these notes is to communicate between the employee’s doctor and employer about the employee’s ability to work. Fit notes help manage sickness absence.

These official statements include information on how health conditions affect duties at work. They guide employers in making necessary changes to support an employee’s return to work sooner and safely.

If someone is off sick for more than seven days, they usually need a fit note from a healthcare professional. A fit note can be given after an assessment has been done by the healthcare provider on that day or later on.

What a sick note typically includes

A sick note includes important details about your health and work status. Issued by a healthcare professional, it often states your name, the date of your medical assessment, and any illness or injury you may have.

It also gives advice on whether you are ‘not fit for work’ or ‘may be fit for work’. If you can do some work with support from your employer, the note will suggest changes or adjustments.

The note lists the period during which you should stay off work or suggests adjustments to help return to work safely. Your doctor writes this after talking to you about how your condition affects your ability to perform tasks.

Doctors base their advice on up-to-date records and knowledge of workplace accommodations when available. Next, learn how self-certification works if you’re off sick for seven days or less.

How to Get a Fit Note in the UK

In the UK, understanding the right approach to obtaining a fit note is crucial — after self-certification for initial days of illness, further absences often require authorised documentation; discover more on streamlining this process by reading ahead.

Self-certification for up to 7 days

Employees in the UK can take control of their health with self-certification for short-term sickness. If they feel unwell, they have the right to stay home and recover without seeing a doctor for up to seven days.

This process is simple and respects an employee’s entitlement to self-care allowance.

During this period, workers fill out a self-declaration form explaining their absence from work. They don’t need a doctor’s fit note unless their illness lasts longer than a week. Self-assessment helps maintain privacy while ensuring rights are protected under work absence policies.

Requesting a fit note for more than 7 days

For those needing a fit note for more than 7 days, it’s possible without an in-person visit to the doctor. The GOV.UK website provides clear guidelines on how to obtain this extended sick leave certificate.

A healthcare professional may issue a longer note if they agree your health warrants it. This process can be done through various online services where registered GPs review your case.

Securing a medical statement for an extended absence is straightforward with these platforms. Patients fill out relevant details about their condition and have a virtual consultation with a GP.

If the doctor agrees that you are not fit for work, they will send you the necessary documentation digitally. Remember, getting a prolonged fit for work note follows official protocols to ensure legitimacy and accuracy.

The Cost of a Fit Note


While the process of self-certification is free, it may not be accepted by all employers. Obtaining a fit note for periods of sickness lasting more than 7 days may involve charges, which vary depending on the service provider. Medical cert prides itself in offering very competitively priced and fast sick notes

Information on self-certification forms and charges

Self-certification forms allow you to tell your employer you’re sick without a doctor’s note. You can use this method for illnesses that keep you off work for up to 7 days. You don’t need to pay anything, as these forms are free.

After 7 days, getting a fit note usually involves a charge if requested from your GP or another healthcare provider authorised to issue them. The cost varies and some GPs might provide them for free, but others could charge around £20 or more.

Always check with your provider first about any fees.

Common Questions About Sick Notes

In the realm of healthcare and employment, sick notes serve as a critical bridge; however, questions often arise regarding their issuance and validity. Queries persist about the authority of doctors in granting or refusing these notes, as well as the extent to which employers can question or contest them within UK regulations.

Can a doctor refuse to give a sick note?

Doctors have the right to refuse a sick note if they think it’s not needed. They decide based on the patient’s health and work situation. Sometimes, a healthcare professional will suggest a phone call or an in-person meeting first.

This helps them understand if the patient is fit for work or not.

If the doctor feels that sick leave is not justified, they won’t issue a sick note. Patients must trust their judgment since these professionals are trained to make such decisions.

However, if someone has ongoing health issues, their healthcare provider might arrange follow-up appointments or alternative support instead of immediate sick leave documentation.

Can an employer override a doctor’s sick note in the UK?

Moving from whether a doctor can refuse to issue a sick note, let’s address if an employer has the power to override one. Employers must usually accept a fit note as evidence of an employee’s illness and their need for time off work.

A doctor’s sick note, or ‘fit note’, carries legal weight and should be respected by the employer. If it states that an employee is not fit for work, employers are generally not in a position to challenge this assessment.

However, there are rare cases where additional information may lead to discussions about an employee’s return to work before the end date on a fit note. For example, adjustments might be agreed upon between the employee and employer that allow for a phased return or altered duties that could facilitate earlier resumption of work.

The specifics of these situations depend largely on individual circumstances and should always involve direct communication between all parties involved: the employee, employer, and sometimes healthcare professional.

How to Request a Sick Note Online

Navigating the digital landscape for healthcare solutions, individuals can now request a sick note online—a process that embodies both simplicity and adherence to regulatory standards.

By setting up a virtual appointment with a qualified GP through platforms like Medical Cert, one can obtain the required medical certificate without the need for an in-person consultation.

Booking an appointment with a GP using Medical Cert

Booking a GP appointment with Medical Cert is quick and easy. Users simply download the app to their device, then pick an appointment time that suits them. Medical Cert provides access to NHS-trained doctors through video calls, offering flexibility outside of usual office hours with evening and weekend slots available.

Patients talk directly with GMC-registered GPs during the virtual consultation. If needed, these doctors can issue sick notes online for up to two weeks. This service helps people get medical advice without having to travel or wait in busy clinics.

Providing necessary details for the sick note

For a sick note, patients must share accurate information with the online healthcare provider. They need to describe their illness or injury and explain how it affects their work. Patients should also tell the doctor about any advice or treatment they have received.

If they are fit for some work, but not all, details about possible adjustments or changes at work can help.

The healthcare professional might ask for symptoms’ start dates and how long the condition is expected to last. They may discuss if the patient can return to work with reduced hours or lighter duties.

This helps create a precise medical certificate that reflects each individual’s health situation. A clear physician’s recommendation ensures proper guidance for both employees and employers on managing absence from work efficiently.


In embracing the digital transformation of healthcare, individuals seeking to manage their work-life balance during illness can now leverage online services such as Medical Cert for efficient and legitimate fit note issuance.

This modern approach simplifies the process, upholding both convenience and adherence to regulatory standards.

Encouragement to use online sick notes for convenience and efficiency

Online sick notes from services like Medical Cert bring convenience right to your fingertips. You can get a fit note fast without stepping out of your home. This is great if you are too ill to travel or busy with life’s demands.

These digital sick notes fit easily into your schedule, even during evenings and weekends.

With quick delivery times, virtual healthcare takes away the wait for traditional appointments. It’s efficient because GMC-registered and NHS-trained GPs provide the same quality care online as they do in person.

The process saves you time, letting you focus on getting better instead of worrying about paperwork. Online medical records stay safe and secure, giving you one less thing to think about while recovering.

Reiterate the benefits and simplicity of using a legitimate online service like Medical Cert

Medical Cert stands out as a beacon for hassle-free healthcare, offering both NHS services at no cost and pay-as-you-go options. This opens the door to professional medical advice from the comfort of your home.

With Medical Cert, you can have an appointment with a trained GP through a video call during evenings or weekends—times that suit your busy life. They make getting sick notes simple: if you need one, a Medical Cert GP can issue it online for up to two weeks.

Using this service saves time and avoids unnecessary travel when you’re not feeling well. Imagine linking up with a doctor via video chat, discussing your health needs, and then promptly receiving a legitimate sick note by email or within the app itself—it’s modern medicine at its finest! Gone are the days of waiting rooms; welcome to quick access to secure medical consultations right at your fingertips.


1. Is it possible to get a legitimate sick note online?

You can obtain a legitimate sick note online through licensed telehealth services such as Medical Cert.

2. What information do I need to provide for an online sick note?

For an online sick note, you’ll need to share your symptoms and medical history with the healthcare provider.

3. How quickly can I receive my sick note after requesting it online?

Most services deliver the sick note via email shortly after your consultation, often on the same day.

4. Will my employer accept an online sick note?

Yes, employers will accept online-issued sick notes if they’re issued by a qualified healthcare professional.

5. Can I request a backdated sick note from an online service?

Yes, we can offer back-dated sick notes within reason. This is down to the discretion of the assessing doctor.

The Importance of a Legitimate Sick Note

A legitimate sick note, also known as a fit note, is essential for providing evidence of illness and absence from work. It confirms that an individual was unable to work due to medical reasons and is crucial for their employer to understand the need for time off. Sometimes sick notes not only recommend time off, but also adjustments to the workplace to help individuals with any medical needs.

What is a fit note?

A fit note is a document from a doctor stating if you are not fit for work or if you might be able to do some work. Your employer needs this proof when you’re sick for more than seven days.

Doctors also call it a medical certificate or ‘Statement of Fitness for Work’. It tells your employer what changes they might need to make to help you return.

Fit notes can suggest ways you can get back to work sooner, like different hours or tasks. The new standardised fit notes replace the old-style ‘sick note’ and have more detail on what an employee can do, not just what they can’t.

Now let’s see how getting these notes online makes things easier.

What does a sick note say?

A sick note, also known as a fit note or medical certificate, states the duration for which an individual cannot attend work due to illness. It provides information about the employee’s inability to work and may specify if they are unfit for work entirely or if they can undertake some duties.

Additionally, it may include recommendations for adjustments required in the workplace to facilitate the employee’s return to work.

Once you understand what a sick note says, you can explore how to obtain one online without visiting a healthcare professional.

Can I Get a Sick Note Online Without Visiting a Healthcare Professional?


You can obtain a legitimate sick note online through trusted websites without the need to visit a healthcare professional in person. In this section, we’ll explore the process of obtaining a sick note remotely and what to do if you’ve already seen another healthcare professional.

How to get a sick note online through trusted websites

To obtain a sick note online through trusted websites, first, choose a reputable online service that offers virtual assessments with healthcare professionals. Next, provide the necessary information and any required documentation to support your sick leave request.

Once the consultation is complete, you will receive the legitimate sick note via email for your records and to provide to your employer if needed. It’s essential to ensure that the website or platform you use for this process adheres to legal and ethical standards, safeguarding your personal information as per NHS guidelines.

Obtaining a legitimate sick note remotely can be a convenient solution when visiting a healthcare professional in person is not feasible or during periods of illness where attending appointments may exacerbate health issues.

What to do if you’ve already seen another healthcare professional?


After consulting another healthcare professional, it’s vital to ensure open communication between both parties. Ensure you have obtained all necessary documentation related to your condition and treatment plan to share with your Medical Cert practitioner.

Next, upload this information when requesting a sick note online through our websites to streamline the process and get an accurate sick note.

Remember that sharing detailed information with the new online service will help them understand your situation better. This way they can provide you with an appropriate and legitimate sick note without causing any discrepancies in your medical records or certification of illness.

The Process of Requesting a Sick Note Online

Choose a reputable online service for requesting a sick note, provide necessary information and documentation, and receive the sick note via email.

Choose a reputable online service

Select a trusted online platform for requesting your sick note. Ensure the service is reputable and staffed by GMC-licensed and regulated doctors, providing genuine medical documentation. Look for platforms offering remote assessments with qualified healthcare professionals specialising in issuing legitimate sick notes.

Avoid unreliable sources and prioritise safety when choosing an online service to request your sick note without visiting a healthcare professional.

Consider virtual platforms that offer secure and confidential processes for obtaining authentic sick notes from licensed professionals. Evaluate the credibility of the website or app by reviewing their certification, customer testimonials, and overall reputation within the telemedicine industry.

Provide necessary information and documentation

To request a legitimate sick note online, you will need to provide certain information and documentation. The process typically requires details such as your full name, date of birth, contact information, and the reason for needing the sick note.

Additionally, you may be asked to provide relevant medical history or details of any recent consultations with healthcare professionals. Certain platforms may also require you to upload any supporting documents or evidence related to your illness or condition.

Ensure that all the information and documentation provided is accurate and truthful in order to receive a valid sick note promptly.

Receive the sick note via email

Get the sick note in your inbox. Check your email for the sick note after completing the online request. Open your email to find the legitimate sick note waiting for you.

Upon completion of the process, expect to receive an official sick note via email. Once approved, a digital copy of your sick note will be sent directly to your provided email address, ensuring a convenient and efficient delivery method.

What to Know Before Requesting a Sick Note Online

Before requesting a sick note online, it’s important to have the necessary information at hand and understand the difference between self-certification and a doctor’s note. Knowing what is required for the sick note will streamline the process and ensure you receive an accurate document.

Information needed for the sick note

To request a sick note online, you will need to provide essential information such as your full name, date of birth, and the period for which the sick note is required. You may also be asked to describe the nature of your illness or injury and how it affects your ability to work.

Additionally, you might need to disclose any relevant details about previous medical consultations or treatments related to your current condition.

When requesting a sick note online, ensure that you have accurate and up-to-date information ready to streamline the process and receive your legitimate sick note promptly from a trusted virtual healthcare professional.

Self-certification vs. a doctor’s note

When needing time off work due to illness, self-certification involves filling a form from the employer. A doctor’s note requires a healthcare professional’s assessment and validation of the illness, often providing more credibility.

Self-certifying for sick leave can be convenient for short-term illnesses, while a doctor’s note is essential for longer periods or when an official confirmation of the medical condition is necessary by the employer or other institutions.


In conclusion, obtaining a legitimate sick note online without visiting a healthcare professional is possible through reputable websites. It is important to provide accurate information and documentation for the process.

Knowing the difference between self-certification and a doctor’s note is crucial before requesting a sick note online.


1. Can I get a sick note online without seeing a doctor in person?

Yes, you can obtain an sick note through an online assessment which will be assessed by a virtual doctor for sick notes, avoiding the need to visit a healthcare professional.

2. What is self-certification and how does it work for getting a sick note?

Self-certification is when you fill out a form by yourself documenting your illness; this allows you to request a legitimate sick note for short-term absences of less than 7 days without needing to see a doctor.

3. How do I request a medical certificate online?

Simply complete the brief health questionnaire which will be submitted to our experienced doctors to provide you with one digitally.

4. Are digital sick note requests recognised as official documents?

Yes, digital sick note requests that lead to issuing remote sick notes are officially accepted as proof of illness when presented at workplaces or educational institutions.


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